Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 PV and Release Date Announced

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2
Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2

The PV of the TV anime " Attack on Titan " The Final Season Part 2 based on Hajime Isayama has been released.

"Attack on Titan" The Final Season, which was broadcast on NHK General TV until March this year and was reported to resume on January 10, 2022. In the PV, it started with the lines of "I was waiting", "forever", "from 2,000 years ago", "someone" by Eren Yeager played by Yuki Kaji , and the fierce battle of various giants such as Ellen giant and armor giant. The scene was captured.

In addition, the video distribution service GYAO! Will distribute past series for free in order to commemorate the lifting of the PV ban. "Advance Giant" today from October 13th to November 18th, "Season 2" from November 12th to December 1st, "Season 3" from November 25th to December 28th, "The Final Season" will be distributed free of charge for 7 days for each episode from December 22nd to January 15th, 2022.


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