Ryman's Club Anime's Trailer Released with Key Visual

Remans Club Anime

The production of the original TV animation "Ryman's Club" is announced. New information such as cast, staff, PV, etc. was released at once.

"Ryman's Club," which will be broadcast from January 2022, is a work based on a badminton businessman player. Two different aspects of daily life as a salaryman and drama as an athlete are depicted. The production is also done by Liden Films, which produced the anime "Hane Bado!", Which is also based on badminton. Director Yamauchi AiWataru, laid the Teruko inland sea to the screenplay, the character draft Suzuhito Yasuda is responsible. The teaser PV also contains a powerful badminton scene.

It is Junya Enoki who plays the main character, Takeshi Shiratori . Takashi is a genius who was once called a "prodigy" and is now a member of the sales department of Sunlight Beverage. Due to the trauma at the Inter-High, I couldn't get the results I expected. It is Shinichiro Miki who plays the role of badminton player, Ken Miyasumi, who belongs to the sales department as well as Takashi . As a company employee and as a member, he will be paired with Takashi who became a junior.

Kaito Ishikawa is an employee of the Quality Assurance Department who plays the role of Aoi Saeki, a singles player in the badminton department . Takashi is a high school classmate, and Ryota Osaka plays the role of Oya Saeki, who is also the younger brother of Aoi . Orangeya belongs to the planning department in the company, and works hard as a doubles player in the badminton club. In the company, Tetsuya Kakihara has been selected as the role of Hiroki Takeda, who belongs to the sales department as well as Takashi and Ken . Comments have also arrived from the five cast members.


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