"Shenmue" anime will be released in 2022, KV release with Ryo Batsuki and Ai Emperor fisting

Shenmue" anime

It has been decided that the animation "Shenmue the Animation" based on the action-adventure game "Shenmue" will be released in 2022.

The popular action-adventure game "Shenmue" was released in 1999 on Sega's home video game console Dreamcast. People and backgrounds are made of full polygons, and motion capture that captures human movements is adopted to reproduce realistic and natural movements. In addition, systems such as "time control" and "magic weather" are introduced to explain the history of the game. It's one of the big changes.

In the animation "Shenmue the Animation", Telecom Animation Film is in charge of animation production, and the director is Chika Sakurai. The released key visual depicts a young man, Ryo Hazuki, and his nemesis, Rantei, crossing their fists. The visual was the first to be lifted at the "New York Comic Con 2021" currently being held in New York, USA. Also, from today, the official anime website and official Twitter (@shenmue_anime) have opened.


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