SPY x FAMILY Anime Adaptation Announced with Trailer

Tatsuya Endo "SPY x FAMILY" will be made into a TV animation in 2022. At the same time, cast information, staff information, teaser visual, and the first PV were released.

"SPY x FAMILY", which has been serialized in Shonen Jump + (Shueisha) since March 2019, is a brilliant spy who was ordered to "make a family" for a certain mission, adopting a girl with supernatural powers, Anya. In addition, a spy comedy that has a killer woman, Yor, as his wife and struggles to balance his family and mission. Up to 7 volumes have been published, and with the latest 8 volumes released on November 4, the cumulative circulation of the series exceeds 12.5 million.

Takuya Eguchi is in charge of the role of Lloyd Forger, a brilliant spy . WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks will jointly produce the animation. The director is Kazuhiro Furuhashi of "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" , the character design is Kazuaki Shimada of "The Promised Neverland", and the music in the play is (K) NoW_NAME of "Dorohedoro". Comments were received from Eguchi and Furuhashi, respectively. The two types of teaser visuals released show the figures of Lloyd, Anya, and Yor drawn by Shimada.


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