TV Anime Shine Post Announced, First Trailer and Key Visual Released

Konami Digital Entertainment and Straight Edge's media mix idol project "Shine Post" has started. Broadcasting of TV animation was decided in the summer of 2022.

Based on the camel novel "Shine Post" published by Dengeki Bunko on October 8, the project will be developed in a wide range of media such as anime, live games, and more. Popular idols such as TiNgS's blue heaven spring, Kyoka Tamaki, and Seiburio, who have big dreams but can only produce small results. It's a story that depicts what you're aiming for.

In the anime, Sayumi Suzushiro will play the role of Haru Aoten, Moeko Kanisawa ( ≠ ME ) will play the role of Anka Tamaki, and Yuko Natsuyoshi will play the role of King Seimai. In addition, Rimo Hasegawa will play the role of Yukine Gionji , who is active in a unit called Yukimoji , and Rika Nakagawa will play the role of Momiji Ito . Directed by Kei Oikawa of "Uma Musume Pretty Derby", character design by Yoshihiro Nagata of "Macross Delta", and animation production by Studio KAI. At the same time, a teaser visual depicting the members of TINGS shooting on the stage of the unattended Nakano Sunplaza and comments from the cast were also released.

It was also revealed that Yohei Kisara (Stray Cats) of "Love Live!" Will be the music producer of the project. In addition, the music video for "Be Your Light !!" sung by TINGS has also been released, and the live event "TINGS LIVE JOURNEY ep.00 ~ Prelude ~ Mini Live Event" Wanna be your It was also reported that "SHINE POST !!!!!" "will be held. Advance ticket lottery sales will start from 21:00 on October 26th today.

In addition, Konami Digital Entertainment, producer Akihiro Ishihara, who worked on "Love Plus" etc., has decided to make it into a game. The comicalize series in Monthly Comic Alive (KADOKAWA) has also been decided.


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