"Yuusha, Yamemasu" Anime's Trailer Released with Key Visual

"Yuusha, Yamemasu" Anime's Trailer Released with Key Visual

Quantum's novel "Yuusha, Yamemasu" will be animated. It will be broadcast from April 2022 with the title "Yuusha, Yamemasu."

"Yuusha, Yamemasu" saved the world, but the brave Leo Demonhart, who was feared by people and became unemployed, re-employed in the tattered Demon Army and rebuilt it. Aiming fantasy. The original novel has been published up to Volume 3, and comicalize is serialized in KADOKAWA's Young Ace UP. Cast staff information was announced along with the announcement of the decision to animate, and the teaser visual and PV were released. In the anime, Kensho Ono plays the role of Leo, Kaede Hondo plays the role of Echidna who leads the Demon King Army, Shizuka Ito plays the role of the serious genius genius Mage Steina, and Hitomi Owada plays the role of the honest and hard-working pseudo-beast man Lili. , Yumi Uchiyama plays the role of Melnes, the assassin of half-human half-demon, and Toru Inada plays the role of Edwald, the swordsman of the dragon tribe with a dynamic personality . The general director is Yu Shinoda , the director is Hisashi Ishii, the series composition is Shigeru Murakoshi, the character design is Yuki Nakano, and the animation production is EMT Squared.

The teaser visual is Leo and Echidna drawn against the background of the castle. The PV begins with the scene where Leo comes to the interview for the Demon King's army, and the appearance scenes of each character Echidna, Steina, Lili, Melnes, and Edwald are cut out. The character voices of Leos were also shown.


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