ARIA The BENEDIZIONE Anime Movie Has Released New PV

The long PV of the animated movie " ARIA The BENEDIZIONE " based on Kozue Amano has been released.

"ARIA The BENEDIZIONE" will be released on December 3rd as the final chapter of the "Ao no Curtain Call" trilogy of the anime "ARIA" series. The long PV shows the famous scenes of the "ARIA" TV series and the movie version on the ending theme "Undine ~ 2021 edizione ~" sung by Yui Makino, and a new video of "ARIA The BENEDIZIONE" is also used.

In addition, some episodes of the "ARIA" TV series will be distributed on YouTube's "Shochiku Channel" from November 12th for a limited time. "ARIA The ANIMATION" episodes 2, "ARIA The NATURAL" episodes 18 and 24, and "ARIA The ORIGINATION" episodes 10 and 11 were picked up as episodes where you can feel the bond between Aika and Akira. The recommended hashtag by the official anime when posting impressions of distribution episodes on SNS etc. is "# Himeya is hot". Check the list at the end of the article for the delivery schedule of each episode.


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