Link Click Anime Japanese Dubbed Version will be Released in January 2022

The Japanese dubbed version of the original animation "Tokimitsu Agent -LINK CLICK-" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS11 from January 2022. The teaser PV, teaser visual, and main cast have been announced.

"Tokimitsu Agent -LINK CLICK-", which was distributed on bilibili video from April, is a science fiction suspense set in the "Tokimitsu Photo Studio" in a corner of the downtown area. Toki (at a small time) who has "the ability to link to the photographer's consciousness and enter the world of photography" and Hikaru (Rikumitsu) who has "the ability to grasp the events 12 hours after the photograph was taken". This is a story about a combination of Toki's childhood friend, Rin (Takashi), who solves a request from a customer. The two were carrying out the request under the rule that "never modify the past", but Toki, who has a strong sense of justice, just interfered with the past, and his actions will change the future little by little.

The director and screenwriter is Lee Haoling, who has been attracting attention for his works such as "Flavours of Youth" and "Heaven Official's Gift". The original character design is by Korean illustrator INPLICK, the art director is Takumi Tanji, and the music is by Tenmon. In the Japanese dubbed version, Toshiyuki Toyonaga will play the role of Toki , Takahiro Sakurai will play the role of Hikaru , and Aoi Koga will play the role of Rin .


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