Paripi Koumei Anime Officially Announced with Trailer

Ryo Ogawa's "Paripi Koumei" based on the original work by Yuu Yotsuba will be made into a TV animation. Broadcasting will start in April 2022.

"Paripi Koumei" is a comedy developed when the famous warrior Zhuge Liang Komei, who died in the Battle of Wuzhang Plain, reincarnated in modern Japan with a young body. Zhuge Liang, who reincarnated in Shibuya, is a story that will innovate the music scene as a warrior in order to fulfill the dream of the fledgling artist Eiko Tsukimi who met there. Started serialization in Comic DAYS in 2019 and transferred to Young Magazine (Kodansha) from November 22nd. The latest 7 volumes will be released tomorrow on November 18th.

In the anime, Ryotaro Okiayu plays the role of Zhuge Liang, and Kaede Hondo plays the role of Eiko Tsukimi . The animation production is manga original is involved for the first time to become PAWORKS, director Osamu Honma, series configuration Yoko Yonaiyama, character design and chief animation director Sekiguchi Kanaaji serve is. The teaser PV released at the same time is a finish that expresses the encounter between Zhuge Liang and Eiko Tsukimi who have reincarnated in Shibuya and their thoughts. The teaser visual is drawn by Sekiguchi.


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