Advance 5 Minutes Video released from Summer Ghost Anime Movie

The first 5 minutes of the main part of the short animated movie " Summer Ghost " was released in advance.

In the video released , Rina Kawaei will play Rina Kawaei from the scene where high school students who met through the internet, Tomoya Sugisaki played by Chiaki Kobayashi , Aoi Harukawa played by Miyuri Shimabukuro , and Ryo Kobayashi played by Nobunaga Shimazaki head for "Summer Ghost Search". Even the scene of witnessing "Summer Ghost" is depicted. In addition, the visitor privilege was decided to be an A4 clear file using an illustration drawn by director loundraw , and the illustration was released.

"Summer Ghost" will be released nationwide on November 12th. Directed by illustrator loundraw, written by Hirotaka Adachi ( Otsuichi ) and produced by FLAT STUDIO.


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