"Futsal Boys !!!!!" 1st PV release, theme song is Takao Sakuma & STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

The first PV of the TV anime " Futsal Boys !!!!! " has been released.

"Futsal Boys !!!!!" is a media mix project that depicts Haru Yamato and his friends who joined the Futsal Club of Koyo Gakuen High School aiming for their dreams, set in Japan, where futsal is booming worldwide. Mizuki Kawashita , Utako Yukihiro , Marumero Tanaka, Ruka Junmiya, Lily Hoshino and others are participating in the original character design . TV animation will start broadcasting in January 2022.

In the first PV, the scene of their encounter is depicted centering on Haru Yamato, who plays Kota Takara, and Ichiro Sakaki, who plays Shuto Ishimori. In addition, it has been decided that the opening theme of the anime will be "BRAVE MAKER" by Takao Sakuma, who will also appear as a cast in "Futsal Boys !!!!!", and the ending theme will be STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION .


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