In / Spectre Anime Season 2 Announced, Trailer Reveals 2022 Airing

TV Anime "In / Spectre Season 2" Teaser Visual
TV Anime "In / Spectre Season 2" Teaser Visual

The TV anime "In / Spectre Season 2" based on Kyo Shirodaira and Chashiba Katase will be broadcast in 2022. Teaser visual and teaser PV have been released. 

"In / Spectre" is a story about Kotoko Iwanaga, a girl who became the god of wisdom of strangers and youkai, and Kuro Sakuragawa, an immortal young man who is feared by strangers. A comicalized version is being serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine and Monthly Shonen Magazine R (both by Kodansha), and the first period of TV animation was broadcast from January 2020.

The teaser visual depicts Kotoko and Kuro with serious expressions. Around it, the mysteries that were familiar even in the first period of TV animation were drawn. Also, in the teaser PV using the animation video of Season 2 that will be released for the first time, you can hear Kotoko's new voice played by Akari Kito , and you can see a new mysterious figure. It was also revealed that Keiji Gotoh will be the director, Noboru Takagi will be in charge of the series composition, Kentaro Matsumoto will be the character design and animation director, and Brain's Base will be in charge of animation production.

At the same time, comments arrived from Mamoru Miyano, who played the role of Kuro Sakuragawa . Miyano says, "I will enjoy myself and work hard to express Kuro's feelings."


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