Jump Festa 2022 schedule Announced, some contents of virtual venue revealed

Shueisha's event "Jump Festa 2022" will be held on December 18th and 19th at the virtual and real venues of Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Part of the content of the virtual venue "Jump Festa 2022 ONLINE", commonly known as the Janfes Island app, has been revealed.

In the Janfes Island app, we develop buildings and areas where you can enjoy the world view of jump works. Players can operate an avatar called a "character" to freely explore the island of Janfes. The 22 characters are drawn by the new writers of Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha). A total of 29 types of coins with the motif of Jump Group magazines and serialized works are scattered on the island, and you can get new characters at the "Capsule Character Tower" by collecting coins.

In addition, the "Jump Original Drawing Museum", which displays about 130 original drawings and autographed colored paper of the artist, has opened as content that can be viewed only with the Janfes Island app. In one corner of the island, there will be a "Zeblack Library" in collaboration with the electronic bookstore app Zeblack operated by Shueisha. "Zeblack Library" has a specification that transitions from the entrance to a special page on the Zeblack official website. On the special site, 33 works of Jump Group and the September 2021 issue of Saikyo Jump (Shueisha), which was renewed this year, will be released for free.

In addition, a total of 34 stages will be delivered in two days at four venues on Janfes Island. Many special stages such as live content and recorded video from Makuhari Messe will be developed. All distributions can be viewed on Jump Festa Island, as well as on Jump Festa's official YouTube channel, Jump Channel, and the official website of "Jump Festa 2022", Jump Festa NAVI.

In addition, Jump Festa NAVI has a "Jumfes Store" that has links to online shops selling original goods and related items of "Jump Festa 2022" in one place. The online shop for original goods will pre-open on November 19th, and purchase applications will be accepted for each product category from December 15th. In addition, the Jump Festa NAVI app will start applying for tickets to the real venue "Jump Festa 2022 Makuhari Messe" on November 15th.


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