Golden Kamuy 4th Season Announced with PV and Key Visual

The 4th season of the TV anime "Golden Kamui" based on Satoru Noda will be produced. At the same time, the teaser visual and PV were released.

"Golden Kamuy" is a swashbuckler set in Hokkaido in the latter half of the Meiji era, centered on the former military man "Immortal Sugimoto" aiming for the huge Ainu reserves and the Ainu girl Ashiripa. From the 1st to the 3rd period of animation, Hitoshi Namba was the director, Kenichi Onuki was the character designer, and Geno Studio was the animation producer. , Animation production is in charge of Brains Base, and the series composition will be continued by Noboru Takagi as in the 1st to 3rd periods .

Comments arrived from Director Namba and Chief Director Sugahara. Director Namba said, "'Golden Kamuy' is exactly anything, such as a bold story, historical reality, Ainu and minority languages ​​and culture, action and gag, hard-to-express lower story, etc., and it is a work with high hurdles for animation. However, I am confident that the Chief Director of Sugahara and the production staff of Brain's Base, who will touch the baton this time, will boldly challenge the high hurdles and make the finish more fulfilling than the previous series! "The drumstick. Chief Director Sugahara said, "I haven't seen the exit yet, but I've been struggling to catch up with the isms created by Director Namba and Geno Studio. Anyway, I'm a fan of the original and anime. We are working hard as a team so that everyone can enjoy it more than ever. "

In addition, is holding "TV animation" Golden Kamuy "4th production decision 39 sale" until 23:59 on January 10, 2022. You can purchase the first limited edition of Blu-ray / DVD Volumes 1 to 9 at 39% off. Furthermore, on YouTube, the short animation "" Golden Doga Theater "(3rd term)" is re-released at once. It will be delivered until 23:59 on January 10, 2022.


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