Mahoutsukai no Yoru Movie Announced For 2022 with First Teaser Trailer

Theatrical animation of the visual novel PC game "Mahoutsukai no Yoru" developed and sold by TYPE-MOON has been decided.

Released on April 12, 2012, "Mahoutsukai no Yoru" is a game created by Kinoko Nasu from the "The Garden of Sinners" and "Fate" series, and Hirokazu Koyama, who has been involved in the creative of TYPE-MOON for many years . The origin is an unpublished novel written by Nasu before the release of "Tsukihime", and it is set in the latter half of 1980, which is the oldest in the time series of TYPE-MOON works.

Animation production is handled by ufotable, who worked on animation of TYPE-MOON works such as "The Garden of Sinners" and "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]". At the same time, the teaser visual and teaser PV were released.


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