Mirage Queen Aime Cirque Anime new PV reveals Additional Cast and Released date

The main cast of the theatrical anime "Phantom Thief Queen Loves Circus", which will be released in early summer 2022, was announced today on December 12th on "Queen Day". Yuga Yamato plays the queen.

In addition to Yamato as Queen, the main cast is also revealed. Kazuki Kato will play Queen's work partner Joker, and Yuma Uchida will play the artificial intelligence RD that supports their work . Comments from Yamato, Kato, and Uchida are posted below. In addition, a special video depicting the queens running in the darkness and the seven ring circus who are hostile in the play is also released.

A postcard set was prepared as a benefit of the Mubichike card that will be on sale from December 17th. The set includes key visuals, leaflets of Seven Ring Circus, and designs inspired by tickets. In addition, information on screening theaters was released on the official website.

"Phantom Thief Queen likes Circus" is a theatrical animation based on Kaoru Hayamine's novel developed by Kodansha's children's book label Aoitori Bunko. The story unfolds as a phantom thief queen of unknown age and gender steals the target prey by flying around the world on an airship, and the jewel of interest is stolen by a mysterious circus troupe.


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