Odd Taxi in the Woods Movie Announced For April 2022

The TV anime " Odd Taxi " will be made into a movie. It will be released nationwide from April 1, 2022 as "Movie Odd Taxi in the Woods".

"Odd Taxi" broadcast on TV TOKYO from April. It's a mystery suspense that a conversation between 41-year-old taxi driver Otogawa and his habitual guests will eventually lead to the disappearance of a girl. The final episode, in which the hints stretched from the first episode were collected, entered the Twitter trend after the broadcast. The movie adaptation was announced at Christmas on December 25, which is also the day of the "Odd Taxi Operation," which was the key to the final episode.

Kazuya Konomoto wrote a new scenario for "Movie Odd Taxi in the Woods" . While reconstructing the episode of the TV anime, it will be drawn after the final episode. Following the TV animation, the main character , Otogawa , is Natsuki Hanae , Shirakawa is Riho Iida , Ryohei Kimura is Ryohei Kimura , Kappei Yamaguchi is Kappei Kakihana , Suzuko Mimori is Rui Nikaido , and Moeka Koizumi is Shiho Ichimura . Mitsuya snow auditors Murakami midsummer , Daimon brother auditors Miki Subaru production, large disciple auditors of Miki Asei , Shibagaki auditors Diane of Yusuke , Baba auditors Diane of Tsuda Atsuhiro . Baku Kinoshita will continue to be in charge of director and character design, and OLM will continue to be in charge of animation production. Comments also arrived from Konomoto, Hanae, and Kinoshita.

Along with the announcement of the movie, the special news and teaser visuals will also be unveiled. The special news will start with Otogawa's narration, muttering meaningfully, "Christmas? .. The teaser visual depicts Otogawa in a place like an interrogation room.


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