Backflip!! Anime Movie Release in July 2022, Trailer & Visual released

The special video and key visuals of the animation "Movie Backflip !! " have been released.

"Movie Backflip !! " to be released in July . The key visuals include Shotaro Futaba and other members of the men's rhythmic gymnastics club at Ao High School, a private Soshukan High School. In addition, the sale of the Mubichike card with benefits has also been decided. It will be released on February 5th at each public theater. A teaser visual drawn by Robico , who is in charge of the original character design, was designed on the Mubichike card and the clear file of the privilege .

In the TV anime " Backflip !! " broadcast in 2021, Shotaro Futaba, a boy who was fascinated by men's rhythmic gymnastics, joined the rhythmic gymnastics club when he entered high school and joined forces with his unique teammates. A youth group image drama depicting the appearance of devoting yourself to the competition. In the movie, the final challenge of the Ao High School Men's Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is depicted on the stage of Inter-High.


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