Date A Live Season 4 will be released in April 2022, Trailer released

The broadcast and distribution start time of the TV anime " Date A Live IV " will be decided in April. At the same time, additional cast and theme song information was announced, and the second PV was released.

"Date A Live IV" is the fourth season of the anime "Date A Live" series based on the novel by Koshi Tachibana. Gokawa Shido, a high school student, confronts the spirits that are considered to be a threat to humankind by "making them go on a date." As an additional cast, Hitomi Nabatame will play the role of Nia Honjo, and Akari Kageyama will play the role of Rokuku Hoshimiya . The opening theme is Miyu Tomita "OveR" and the ending theme is sweet ARMS "SOS". In the PV, the character voices of Nia and Rokuku and a part of the opening theme are shown.

Also, on the official Twitter of "Date A Live" (@date_a_info), a gift campaign to win the autographed script of the cast has started. Check the details on the same account.


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