Anata o hitokoto de arawashite kudasai Anime's First Trailer Released

The original animation of electronic parts maker Kyocera "Anata o hitokoto de arawashite kudasai" has been released. At the same time, it was revealed that Hiro Shimono and Akari Kito are appearing.

"Anata o hitokoto de arawashite kudasai " Is Kyocera's goal of "smart city" where everyone can live comfortably and safely by utilizing advanced technology, and the worries of job hunters. Approximately 5 minutes of animation depicting. Set in the world of the future, the story revolves around two college students, Yuki, who is worried about job hunting because he doesn't know what he wants to do and what he wants to be, and Michiru, who is steadily selecting to become a journalist. Michiru decided to conduct an interview on a local island as the final task of the selection. Yuuki's feelings, driven by his help, change as he interacts with Michiru and touches the people who work on the island where a smart city where calm nature and technology coexist.

Shimono is in charge of Yuuki and Kito is in charge of Michiru.

The song is written by the four-member rock band The Songbards .


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