Dance Dance Danseur Anime Trailer Released, Premier in April 2022

The cast of the TV anime " Dance Dance Danseur " based on the original work by George Asakura has been announced. Daiki Yamashita plays the role of Junpei Murao .

"Dance Dance Danseur" was fascinated by ballet when he was young, but Junpei, a second-year junior high school student who gave up on the path due to his father's death, seriously tackles ballet when he meets the transfer student, Godaito. Ballet erotic man who will be. Yamashita says about the ballet scene in the works, "I haven't seen what was completed right now, but I feel that I'm ridiculously enthusiastic from the dubbing stage." And, "Professional dancers put in motion with motion capture, then put it into animation, and dance to the music. I'm really looking forward to it, so please look forward to it!" I sent a message.

In addition, a visual depicting Junpei and Mori Ryu, a cousin of the capital, will be released. The teaser PV was also unveiled for the first time, and the video included a cut in which Junpei danced in uniform. Furthermore, from February 1st today, the signboard of in front of the Shibuya Scramble intersection in Tokyo has become a "Dance Dance Danseur" specification.

"Dance Dance Danseur" will start broadcasting in April on the MBS / TBS 28 stations nationwide "Super Animeism" frame. Produced by MAPPA, directed by Munehisa Sakai , series composition by Yoshimi Narita, character design by Hitomi Hasegawa, and music by Michiru.


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