Fruit Basket Prelude Anime Movie Receives New Trailer

This notice of the anime "Fruit Basket -prelude-" based on Natsuki Takaya has been released.

"Fruit Basket -prelude-" is a story of Tohru's parents, Kyoko Honda and Katsuya, along with the omnibus of the TV series. This notice shows a part of the story of Kyoko and Katsuya when they were young, and Tohru and Katsuya drawn by Takaya. In the video, you can listen to the theme song "Rainbow and Kite" by Trio Ohashi .

In addition, details of the "Fruit Basket -prelude-" theater limited edition Blu-ray, which will be released at the screening theater on February 18th, will be revealed. With a special sleeve specification, the jacket is designed with a visual drawn by Takaya. "Natsuki Takaya Visual IC Card Sticker" and booklet are included as a bonus. Only those who have a ticket for "Fruit Basket -prelude-" can purchase it. Due to the limited quantity, sales will end as soon as they are sold out.

And a comment arrived from Yoshihide Ibata who is the director . "During the broadcast of the TV series, the story of Kyoko and Katsuya had already been decided, so it was full of frustration that I couldn't say during the broadcast. (Laughs)" There was a tie, but this time I was able to take enough time and I was able to roll up the ties one by one. That was fun, "he said about the production of" Fruit Basket -prelude- ".


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