Futsal Boys !!!!! Anime Episode 2 Release date, Synopsis, and Scene Cut

BANDAI NAMCO Arts, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, and Diomedéa send a new media mix project "Futsal Boys !!!!!" by anime x app game x futsal match event. The TV anime version has been broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS11, and MBS since January 2022.

This time, the outline and the preceding scene cut of the second episode "Command Tower Sakaki?", Which will be broadcast and distributed sequentially from the night of January 16 (Sun), has been released.

Sakaki takes a cold attitude toward Yamato who enjoys futsal purely. In response to Sakaki, Yamato declares, "I will let you acknowledge me!" And in the department, each position for the spring tournament, Fresh Cup will be announced from Captain Tsukioka.

Scene Cut:


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