My Isekai Life Anime's First Trailer Reveals Additional cast

An additional cast of the TV anime "My Isekai Life-I got a second profession and became the strongest in the world- ", the first PV, a new key visual, and the main staff have been released.

"My Isekai Life" is a different world adventure based on a novel by Shinkoshoto. Yuji Sano, a black company slave summoned to a different world, becomes a demon messenger (Tamer) who is an unfavorable job. However, thanks to the slime I made friends with, I got various magics and a second profession / sage, and became the strongest, becoming "unaware and unmatched".

The cast was announced this time by slimes who will be tamed by Yuji. Hikaru Tono plays the role of Sura, the first slime tamed, Mai Kanno plays the role of Surapatch wearing an eyepatch, Haruna Mikawa plays the role of Mayusura with thick eyebrows, and Erisa Kuon plays the role of Surahappa with leaves on her head. Nichika Omori played the role of Higesura with a big beard, and Miharu Hanai played the role of Pekesura with a peck mark on the left cheek. Comments have also arrived from them. The six members formed a unit called Sura-chanzu △. It was also revealed that a group of two people will carry out public relations activities for the same work on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok on a monthly basis.

The first PV starts from the scene where Yuji awakens in a different world. The slimes whose cast has just been announced, and the appearance of Dryad and Proud Wolf are also projected. In addition, a scene where you can see Yuji's unconscious strength and a battle with a huge enemy are also included. In addition, many slimes are drawn with Yuji in the new key visual.


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