The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Anime Announced with Trailer

It is decided to make a TV animation of Mr. Saeki's novel "The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten ". Staff cast information was announced, and teaser visuals and PV were released. Anime will be release in 2023.

"The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten " is Shu Fujimiya, a first-year high school student who lives a self-deprecating single life, and his neighbor, the most beautiful girl in school called "Angel". A sweet and impatient love story unfolded by midday Shiina. At noon when it gets soaked in the rain, the story unfolds when Zhou lent an umbrella. Since December 2018, it has been serialized on the posting site, Let's Become a Novelist, and volumes 5 from GA Bunko (SB Creative) are being published. The cumulative circulation of the series has exceeded 500,000.

In animation, Kenichi Imaizumi is the director, Keiichiro Ochi is in charge of the series composition, Takayuki Noguchi is in charge of character design, Moe Hinata is in charge of music, and project No. 9 is in charge of animation production. In the circumferential role hill Yasuto , midday auditors Iwami minor incense , the Akazawa tree officer Taku Yashiro , the Chitose role Shirakawa Haruka Shiraishi plays. Comments from Mr. Saeki and the four cast members, and illustrations celebrating the animation arrived from Hanekoto, the original character design.

The teaser visual designed for midday with an umbrella is drawn by Noguchi. Furthermore, the comicalized serialization of the original novel will be uploaded on January 6th! Start with.


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