The Executioner and Her Way of Life Anime's New Trailer Reveals Additional cast

The additional cast, key visuals, new PV, and theme song information for the TV anime "The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Virgin Road)" have been released.

This is a web event from the GA label delivered on January 4th today at ABEMA "GA Bunko & GA Novel 2022 New Year Anime Festival! It was announced in "Danmachi no! Collaboration SP ~". The white clothes, peach role of priests apprentice in the junior of the two under the agate Hisako Kanemoto , of Gurizarika kingdom called "Princess Knight" the princess-Ashuna Officer M · A · O plays. Illustrations of agate, akari, peach, and ashna were drawn on the key visual, and the four people were also included in the new PV.

The opening theme will be Mili's "Paper Bouquet" and the ending theme will be ChouCho 's "Lighting Serenade". Comments were sent from Mili and ChouCho respectively. In addition, the web radio "Execution RADIO ~ The Executioner's Way (Radio Road) ~" will be available on the Internet radio station Otoizumi and YouTube's Warner Bros. Japan Anime channel from January 28th. The personalities will be Iori Saeki , who plays Agate , and Moeka Kishimoto, who will play Akari .

"The Executioner's Way of Life," which will be broadcast this spring, is a fantasy featuring the "executioner" girl, Agate, who kills the "lost person" who once caused a catastrophe in the world. The story unfolds when Agate meets Akari, an innocent lost girl with special abilities.


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