Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL Anime will Premier on 3rd April 2022, New Trailer Released

It has been decided that the TV anime " Black ★★ Rock Shooter DAWN FALL " will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from April 3rd. At the same time, the synopsis, this PV, additional cast, and theme song information were released.

"Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL" is a work based on the original character Black Rock Shooter by illustrator huke. The stage of the animation is the earth that was devastated after a large labor automation project failed and Artemis, the core artificial intelligence, chose to fight against humankind. Empress, one of the three survivors who will be the guardian of humanity, wakes up at an underground research facility at a certain base without remembering it. Then a colonel of the Peacebuilding Army appeared, telling her that she had a mission to destroy Artemis before her orbital elevator was completed. The battle between the Dead Master, Strength, and Artemis' minions, who should have been her companions, and Empress is depicted.

As an additional cast, Ayaka Asai will play the role of Monica, who is a skillful system engineer and self-proclaimed hacker, Takuya Kirimoto will play the role of Colonel David, a special forces leader of the Peacebuilding Army who resists control by artificial intelligence Artemis, and Hemite dedicated to Empress. Misaki Kuno plays the role of Black Trike, a high-mobility vehicle for supporting male units . The ending theme will be "Before the Nightmare" sung by Kanako Takatsuki . Comments were sent from Takatsuki.


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