BASTARD !!-Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Anime Trailer Released and it will have 24 Episodes

It is clear that the anime " BASTARD !!-Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy" based on the original work by Kazushi Hagiwara will be distributed in all 24 episodes. At the same time, the teaser PV was released and an additional cast was announced.

"BASTARD !!-Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy" will be distributed worldwide on Netflix this year. A fantasy battle story in which the legendary wizard Dark Schneider, who has lived for over 400 years, fights against enemies such as monsters, evil wizards, and destructive gods. The teaser PV begins with a cut in which Dark Schneider's seal is broken with a big laugh after words such as "problem child", "breaking heaven", "no track", "poor character", "seal", "super magical power", and "demon" flow. In addition, action scenes where magic is used and scenes of appearances of Tear Note Yoko, Four Tenno and others were projected.

In addition, as additional casts, Kanae Ito will play the role of the boy Ruche Renren, who was reincarnated by Dark Schneider , Tomokazu Sugita will play the role of Abigail in "Four Tenno", and Kensho Ono will play the role of Cal-Su . Nao Toyama plays the role of Sheila Toel Meta-Ricana, the second princess of the Kingdom of Meta-Ricana . The opening artist will be coldrain , a 5-member band, and the ending artist will be female singer Tielle. Comments have arrived from the cast of four people, including Ito, coldrain, and Tielle.

In addition, Medicos Entertainment is in the process of making figures of Dark Schneider, Arches Ney, Sheen Hari, Kai Hahn, and Tia Note Yoko. The silhouette of the product under development has been released. The follow-up report will be announced on the official website of Medicos Entertainment and Twitter (@ medicos_et_02).


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