Call of the Night Anime Released New Teaser

From the TV anime " Call of the Night " based on the original Kotoyama , a solo visual of Nazuna Nanakusa and a PV that spotlights her have been released.

The visual entitled "Yofukashi Visual case1-Nanakusa Nazuna-" depicts Nazuna leaning against a vending machine and eating a drink. Also, in the PV "Yofukashi Movie case1-Nanakusa Nazuna-" featuring Nazuna, Nazuna whispered "I can't sleep, boy" and "I'll help you" to the Ko that Nazuna met in the city at night. The appearance of inviting Kou with "Miro" is cut out.

"Call of the Night" is a love story that begins when Kou Yamori, a second-year junior high school student who continues to sleeplessly, meets the beautiful vampire Nazuna Nanakusa one night when she goes out for the first time without telling anyone. It is being serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday (Shogakukan), and the latest 10 volumes of the book will be released on February 18. In the anime, Gen Sato plays the role of Kou Yamori, and Sora Amamiya plays the role of Nazuna Nanakusa . The theme song is Creepy Nuts.


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