Kingdom Season 4 Announced With Teaser PV, Premier in Spring 2022

The teaser PV of the 4th series of the TV anime "Kingdom" based on the original work by Yasuhisa Hara has been released.

The 4th series of the anime "Kingdom" which will start broadcasting in the spring of 2022. In this work, the aftermath of the largest battle in history, the Joint Army, which left a large scar on the whole of China including Qin, is depicted. Teaser PV starts from the scene where Qin Shi Huang replies, "Because of my desire, I will be the king who controls China," in response to the question of his younger brother, Chengjiao. Toward a further step toward the unification of China, the final battle of power struggle between Shin and Wang Ben, who are making a leap forward in a new battlefield, Qin Shi Huang, who will become the great king of Qin, and Lu Buwei, who is the partner of the country, will be held. The appearance of approaching was included.


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