Mirage Queen Aime Cirque Anime New Trailer Released

The second special report of the theatrical animation "Mirage Queen Aime Cirque" has been released.

The voice of each character is also lifted in the second bulletin. Starting with a word that makes you realize that it has been animated for about 20 years since the original release of the queen played by Yuga Yamato , "Omitted, I haven't heard from Japanese people for a long time", Kazuki Kato 's queen's partner, Joker, Uchida The lines of artificial intelligence and RD played by Yuma follow. The voice of White Face, the leader of Seven Ring Circus, who faces the phantom thief queens, whose cast has not been announced yet, is also included.

It is also clear that a Mubichike card with an acrylic key chain set will be released. The acrylic key chain is a set of two, a queen and a joker drawn as a mini character, and can be purchased exclusively from Pony Canyon's anime mail order site, Kyanime, from 18:00 on February 18.

"Mirage Queen Aime Cirque" is a theatrical animation based on Kaoru Hayamine's novel developed by Kodansha's children's book label Aoitori Bunko. The story unfolds as a phantom thief Queen of unknown age and gender steals the target prey by flying around the world on an airship, and the jewel he is looking for is stolen by a mysterious Cirque troupe.


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