The Dawn of the Witch Anime Trailer Released and Additional Cast Announced

The key visuals for the TV anime " The Dawn of the Witch ", the first PV, and additional casts have been announced.

The "Dawn of the Witch", which will be broadcast on TBS and others from 25:58 on April 7, is set in the world a few years after the peace between the church and the witch, which had been in conflict for 500 years, was established. A story about the growth of a fallen boy, Saville, who goes to school. The key visual depicts a dark witch, a mercenary, and a priest standing in front of the Savils who are attending a special training at a magic school.

Also, in the first PV where the character voice will be released for the first time, you can see Savil, Law Christus, Holt, and Kudo leaving for the special training and challenging the trials at the destination. In the additional cast, Yumiri Hanamori plays the role of an unidentified dark witch who knows the past of Saville, and Masaaki Yano plays the mercenary role of "Beast Fall", which has the characteristics of a giant white beast of the cat family . Masaaki Mizunaka was cast in the role of a priest who was tightly covered with an eyepatch. 


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