Yuusha, Yamemasu Anime New Trailer Released and Anime Starts from April 5, 2022

The first broadcast date of the TV anime "Yuusha, Yamemasu" has been decided on April 5th. Information on the second PV and ending theme was also released.

"Yuusha, Yamemasu" is a story about Leo Demonhart, a brave man who saved the world from the invasion of the Demon King's army but was feared by people and was expelled from the Holy City. In the PV, Leo is rejected by Echidna, the Demon King, saying, "I entered that Demon King's army, but at the end, the organization will collapse from the inside!" Was cut out.

The ending theme will be "Growing" sung by Nao Toyama . Higashiyama said, "I read the original and felt that the way to cut out the perspective of the" hero "is very unique. After that, the development that awaits me .......... My song" Growth "is like that. While arranging the nature of growth that a hero has in the title, he puts a message that there are friends who will rub his back when it is hard. " A part of "Growing" is used for the second PV.


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