A Couple of Cuckoo Anime 2nd Teaser Released, Anime starts from 23 April

The second main PV of the TV anime " A Couple of Cuckoo " based on Miki Yoshikawa has been released, and it has become clear that the ending theme is March's Pantasia "Square Fate".

"A Couple of Cuckoo" is a romantic comedy about Nagi Unno, a high school boy who goes to a prestigious private school, and Erica Amano, a high school girl who has a past that was mistaken when she was a baby. In the PV, the fate of the four main characters is mixed on the "square fate". Comments arrived from Pantasia in March. "I sympathized with Erica, Hiro, Sachi, and the girls' hearts, and made the song about their sweetness and conflict."

Furthermore, the broadcast start date of "A Couple of Cuckoo" has been decided on April 23. It will be aired in the TV Asahi series "NUM Animation" frame. To commemorate this, an anime official Twitter (@cuckoo_anime) is holding a gift campaign. As prizes, the first volume of the original book with autographs by Akari Kito as Erica, Nao Toyama as Hiro Segawa , and Konomi Kohara as Sachi Umino was prepared.


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