Ascendance of Bookworm Season 3 Anime 3rd Trailer Released, Premier on 11th April

The opening theme for the third season of the TV anime "Ascendance of Bookworm" is decided to be "The Words of the Day" sung by Nao Toyama . This PV has also been released.

"Ascendance of Bookworm" says Reino Honsu, a female college student who died shortly before becoming a librarian, as a soldier's daughter, Mine. A fantasy that begins with waking up in. In the third season, which will be broadcast from April 11, she will become a blue shrine maiden apprentice in the temple, complete a scripture picture book for children, and her next goal is to approach Mine, who is aiming for letterpress printing.

Higashiyama said about the song, "I made" The Words of the Day "with all my heart with the staff in order to closely follow this story. I myself was recording and tears spilled many times. It seemed like it was going to end. Please give warm blessings to your loved ones. " In this released PV, you can listen to a part of "the words of that day".


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