Blue Rock Anime character PV of Rensuke Kunigami have been released

From the TV anime "Blue Rock" written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura, a visual and character PV of Rensuke Kunigami have been released.

Blue Rock," to be broadcast in 2022, is a soccer anime about 300 strikers gathered to win the World Cup. The visual depicts Kunigami screaming as he scores a goal. In the PV, Kunigami is seen dreaming of "becoming a superhero in soccer," and shooting a powerful shot with tremendous spirit. 

In addition, Tomoki Ono, who plays the role of Kunigami, commented. He commented on the appeal of Kunigami: "He silently and straight-forwardly strives to achieve his goals. It's a foolishly straightforward place," he said.


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