Build Divide -Code White Anime First Teaser Released, Anime Starts from 2nd April

The teaser PV, key visuals, and theme song information for the TV anime " Build Divide -# FFFFFF- (Code White)" have been released.

This was reported in the program "Build Divide-#CHANGE- (Code Change)" delivered today on March 14th. In the key visual, the figure of Aoi Koga played by Aoi Koga and Kikuhana Kurabe played by Yu Serizawa was drawn under the catch phrase "Bet on hope and illuminate the" king "" .

In addition, the opening theme song will be "Gold" by EGOIST following the opening "BANG !!!" of the first period . The ending theme song was decided to be "A Shout Of Triumph" by Who-ya Extended , and comments from each artist arrived.

"Build Divide -# FFFFFF-", which will start broadcasting on April 2, is the second phase of the TV anime "Build Divide -# 000000- (Code Black)" that was broadcast from October to December 2021. It is being developed as part of the trading card game and original animation project "Build Divide", which was originally drafted by Homura Kawamoto and Hikaru Takeno.


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