Classroom of the Elite Anime Season 2 and Season 3 Announced

The production of the second and third seasons of the TV anime "Classroom of the Elite" has been decided. The second term, "Classroom of the Elite, 2nd Season," will be broadcast in July, and the third term will be broadcast in 2023.

Based on the light novel by Syougo Kinugasa, "Classroom of the Elite" is a school set in a high school where only excellent people can receive favorable treatment. The first period was broadcast in 2017, and the production of the sequel was announced in February. Along with the announcement of the production and broadcasting time of the 2nd and 3rd periods, it is also clear that all the 1st grade editions of the original will be animated. Hiroyuki Hashimoto and Seiji Kishi, who were the first directors, will serve as general directors. Continuing from the first phase, Lerche will be in charge of animation production, and Kazuaki Morita will be in charge of character design. The director is Yoshito Nisshoji, the series composition is Hayato Kazeno, and the music is Masaru Yokoyama and Kana Hashiguchi. The cast members have continued to cast, including Shoya Chiba , who plays Kiyotaka Ayakoji , and the artist in charge of the opening theme is ZAQ , and the artist in charge of the ending theme is Mai Fuchigami .

In addition, the visual and PV depicting Ayakoji are released. In addition, comments arrived from Akari Kito , who played the role of Suzune Horikita in Chiba. Other comments from Kinugasa and the cast members are posted on the official anime website.

Also, on the official Twitter (@youkosozitsu) of "Classroom of the Elite", a campaign is being held until 12:00 on March 8th, where three people will win a B2 poster with a cast sign by lottery. If you want it, follow the same account, and give your impressions of the "Anime Project Presentation" delivered today on March 6 and congratulatory comments on the sequel production. Tweet with a tag.

In addition, it is also clear that the stage of "Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite" will be held at the KADOKAWA booth of "AnimeJapan 2022" to be held at Tokyo Big Sight on March 26th. Chiba, Yurika Kubo as Kikyo Kushida, and Masaaki Mizunaka as Sho Ryuzono will appear. And the rebroadcast of the first period of TV animation is decided. From April 4th, it will be aired on AT-X, TOKYO MX, TV Aichi, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and BS Nippon Television.

Comment from Shoya Chiba (role of Kiyotaka Ayakoji)
Congratulations on the anime sequel decision!
Thanks to everyone's support, I am full of joy and gratitude when I think that Ayakoji and others will be able to see further success.
The answer from the first episode, and the last scene that can be said to be the beginning of everything, is very impressive. Please look forward to what kind of ability he will show from here and how the D class and rivals will move.

Comment from Akari Kito (role of Suzune Horikita)
The long-awaited animation, the second term! Really full animation! congratulations!
I also feel the joy of playing Suzune in anime for the first time in a while ...!
Please look forward to the brain battles of characters full of individuality at the high school!


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  2. 19th, I still think it's a dream.

  3. I hope they would be faithful to the source this time around��

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  6. WoW 2 season sekaligus.........sesuai prediksi......+24 episode

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  8. can you guys stop this crap ? i mean i was expecting some humor and stuff,maybe the other too



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  12. Lets f go season 2 and 3. Big fan and rly hyped. This made my day!

  13. After 5 years, another season is coming! Yay! I hope it covers vol. 7. Im really looking forward!

    97 btw

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    1. Give me gta v compressed under 1 gb in single part and working too or i will iw illl ask somone else

  16. Fez meu dia.....espero que essa 2° e 3° temporadas tenham uns 25 episódios cada........melhor anime (minha opinião!) Prota frio e calculista espero q ele continue assim....aprendi muito com animes e esse foi um dele.....obrigado mesmo... diretor,autor,criador desse site,roteirista,desenhista,público e a todos q não foram citados mais faz parte....enfim obg d novo <3 😁

    É "centésimo quadragésimo primeiro(141°)";-;

  17. Aliás agora só falta aquele anime lá, =>Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari "herói do escudo"
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