Deaimon Anime 2nd Trailer Released, Opening Song by Maaya Sakamoto

The second PV of the TV anime "Deaimon" written by Rin Asano has been released.

"Deaimon" is a heartwarming story about a young man, Kazu Nono, who moved to Tokyo to become a musician but decided to take over his family's sweets shop, Midorimatsu in Kyoto after his father was hospitalized, and a girl, Kazuka Yukihira, who is a potential successor to Midorimatsu and a signboard girl. The characters are introduced in a "hanrin" tone of voice, with a focus on Kazu, Kazuka, and the other people who work at Midorimatsu.

In addition, scene cuts from the first episode "Kazu and Kazuka," which will air from April 6 on TOKYO MX and other stations, have arrived. The episode begins with Kazuka mistaking Kazu in front of Kyoto Station for her missing father. Then, a small incident occurs between Kazu and Kazuka, who now work together at Midorimatsu. Scene cuts show Kazu wearing a chestnut-like headdress and holding up a guitar with a serious face, Kazuka with a leering expression, and the two sitting on the porch.

The opening theme song "Violet" by Maaya Sakamoto will be released on May 25. The limited first edition will include a bonus disc featuring the final day of the "Maaya Sakamoto IDS! presents Live & Talk 2020" national tour on November 29, 2020. In addition, the jackets for the limited first edition and regular editions, as well as the music video, have been unveiled.

In addition, a tie-up between "Deaimon" and the Kyoto Prefecture Fresh Confectionery Cooperative, an association of approximately 110 fresh confectionery stores in Kyoto Prefecture, has been decided. The posters will be displayed at the member stores one after another.


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