Do It Yourself!" to be broadcast by the end of 2022, teaser PV depicting daily life of Self Yua released.

TV anime "Do It Yourself!" teaser PV has been released.

Do It Yourself! -is a story about six high school girls struggling to make things in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture. The teaser PV released shows the expressions and gestures of the main characters, SURUF, PURIN, KUREI, TAKUMI, SHI, and JOBKO, as well as glimpses of their daily lives, such as when they handle tools in their DIY activities. At the end of the video, the "Do It Yourself! -will be broadcast in 2022. 

Illustrations from left to right by Shii and Jobko

In addition, illustrations and profiles of Shih and Jobko have arrived. Shih is portrayed as an energetic girl who acts on the spur of the moment and is extremely athletic and curious, while Jobko is portrayed as a 12-year-old genius foreign exchange student who skipped a grade and is now a high school student.

Do It Yourself! anime teaser visual


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