Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Anime New Trailer & Key Visual Released

A new preview video and the second visual of the movie " Dragon Ball Super Super Hero " based on Akira Toriyama have been released.

In the video titled "Notice <PART2>", "Piccolo (release of potential)", which is a figure that expresses the power that Piccolo was sleeping, appears for the first time. After being attacked by Gamma 2, one of the ultimate human beings created by the Red Ribbon Army, Piccolo infiltrates the Red Ribbon Army's base and witnesses a huge conspiracy there. In addition, Gohan, whose beloved daughter Bread was kidnapped, also participated. The video also included a battle scene between these two people. In the second visual, the battle of Son Gohan, Piccolo, Android Gamma No. 1 and Gamma No. 2, and the appearance of "Ultimate" Gohan and "Piccolo (release of potential)" are drawn.

It is also clear that the secret design of the first "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" card for visitors is the "Son Gohan version". It is a special piece that also has "Piccolo (release of potential)" in the space-time transfer of super ability that makes the battle advantageous.

"Dragon Ball Super Super Hero" will be a road show nationwide from April 22nd. It should be noted that this work will also be screened on IMAX, 4DX, and MX4D.


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