"Futoku no Guild" Anime Adaptation Announced


Taichi Kawazoe 's "Futoku no Guild" will be made into a TV animation. At the same time, the main staff was released.

The "Futoku no Guild" is a hunting erotic comedy that begins when Kikul Madan, a talented hunter with no experience in dating women and low motivation for his work, meets Hitam Can, a martial arts expert. The heroines, including Hitamuki, confront demons in order to protect the peace of the town, but they encounter naughty happenings at every turn. The series is serialized in Monthly Shonen Gangan (Square Enix), and volume 9 was released today, March 11.

Animation production is handled by T.N.K. The director is Takuya Asaoka, known for "The Recovery Artist Redo," series composition by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, also known for "The Recovery Artist Redo" and "Heterogeneous Reviewers," and character design by Hiraku Kaneko. In conjunction with this announcement, an official anime website and official Twitter account (@futoku_anime) have been opened.


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