Golden Kamuy Season 4 Trailer Released, Anime Starts from October 2022

It is clear that the 4th season of the TV anime "Golden Kamuy" based on Satoru Noda will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from October. The first PV was also released.

In the 4th period, the survival competition survival over the gold nugget stolen from the Ainu begins. After Sakhalin Sugimoto and Ashiripa reunited in the frigid region of Sakhalin, Ashiripa, who faced the death of Kiroranke, remembered the key to solving the mystery of the gold nugget, and the contract between Sugimoto and Ashiripa was also renewed. rice field. However, the situation in which Sugimoto is under the control of the 7th Division remains unchanged. As the confrontation with Lieutenant Tsurumi who received the news of securing Ashiripa is approaching, how will Yutake Shiraishi, Genjiro Tanigaki, Sergeant Tsukishima, and Ensign Koito, who survived the harsh journey together, move according to their respective purposes and roles? Meanwhile, the Shinsengumi demon deputy chief, Toshizo Hijikata, who is fighting for the gold nugget with the 7th Division, continues to search for the remaining tattooed human skin. Furthermore, the existence of Hyakunosuke Ogata, who disappeared from the front of Sugimoto and others, has the potential to affect the situation ...

It has also been decided that a pop-up shop for "Golden Kamuy" and Sanrio Characters will be held in Yurakucho Marui, Tokyo from April 22nd to May 8th. Goods using collaboration visuals by 20 characters will be sold at the venue. Admission is by lottery in advance. Check Marui's special page for details.


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