"Inu-Oh" Anime Movie will be released on May 28

Theatrical animation " Inu-Oh " will be released on May 28th. At the same time, this visual and this preview video have arrived.

"Inu-Oh" is a musical animation depicting Muromachi's unknown pop star Inu-Oh and his partner Biwa Hoshi, Tomona. This visual released shows the dog king holding a gourd mask on the stage under the bridge, a friend fish carrying a biwa, and the people waiting to see the two stages. The finish makes you feel the enthusiasm of a music festival.

In this preview video, the voices of Tasuku Emoto , who plays the role of Yoshimitsu Ashikaga , Kenjiro Tsuda , who plays the father of Inu-Oh, and Yutaka Matsushige , who plays the father of Tomoyo, are also unveiled. Beginning with the singing voice of Avu -chan , who played the role of Inu-Oh , the scenes that made you feel the grooved music and the flashy performance scenes of Inu-Oh and Tomoyo were unfolded.

In addition, the benefits of the Mubichike Card, which will be released on March 26, are also revealed. An acrylic key chain designed with the "Soul of the Heike" was prepared as a privilege. Also, the original soundtrack of "Inuou" will be released. In addition to the songs in the play sung by Avu-chan, who plays the role of Inu-Oh, and Mirai Moriyama , who plays the role of Tomoyo, songs by Yoshihide Otomo are included. It will be on sale on May 25th for 3300 yen including tax.


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