Kami kuzu ☆ Idol Anime Announced with First Trailer, Anime is Scheduled for Summer 2022

The TV anime " Kamikuzu ☆ Idol " based on Isofurabon Hijiki will start broadcasting in the summer of 2022. At the same time, staff and additional cast information was announced, and the first key visual and teaser PV were released.

"Kamikuzu ☆ Idol" is a comedy in which Yuya Niyodo, a "Kuzu Idol" who has a good face but is not motivated, and Asahi Mogami, a legendary "God Idol" who possesses him, aim to become the top of the idol world. Animation production by Studio Gokumi, director by Daisei Fukuda, series composition and screenplay by Yasuko Aoki, character design by Saori Hosoda, and music by myu. As an additional cast, Eri Kitamura will play the role of Hitomi Shinano, the president of the office to which ZINGS belongs, Hitomi Ueda will play the role of riverbed, Yo Taichi will play the role of Tsugiko, and Manaka Iwami will play the role of Shigutaro among the three fans who support ZINGS. Kaori plays, and Hayami Shou is in charge of the main narration voice. Comments arrived from Director Fukuda, Kitamura, Ueda, Daichi, and Iwami.

In addition, the first key visual is "Kuzu Niyodo" version and "Kami Niyodo" version. Both are illustrations of the live scene of the idol unit ZINGS by Niyodo and Kazuki Yoshino, and in the "Kuzu Niyodo" version, the ghost Asahi is cheering for him over the unmotivated Niyodo. In the "Kamijinyodo" version, Niyodo possessed by Asahi stands on the stage with a glittering expression. The teaser PV contains scenes of Niyodo, Asahi, Yoshino, and the characters surrounding them. After this, Comic Natalie will deliver the event report of the "ZINGS Omitaikai" held on March 20th today.


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