Komi Can't Communicate Season 2 Starts from 6th April

The second season of the TV anime " Komi Can't Communicate" based on the original work by Tomohito Oda will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo and others from 24:00 on April 6th.

"Komi Can't Communicate" Is a beautiful girl, but when she tries to talk to another person, her facial expression gets stiff due to tension. A romantic comedy that is clumsy but struggles to make 100 friends. The first period of TV animation was broadcast in October 2021.

At the same time, Komi-san and his friends are trying to lure the cat out with a cat-like appearance. It was also reported that Shinichiro Kamio will play the role of Makoto Katai, who will appear in the second term . Kamio commented, "I'm looking forward to playing and I'm really happy to be in charge of Makoto Katai's voice. I'll do my best to collide." Furthermore, the opening theme was Miku Ito 's "100 Blue Colors" and the ending theme was FantasticYouth 's "Hiwa Koshaberi".

Comment from Shinichiro Kamio (role of Makoto Katai)
It's warm and I like it very much.
I'm really relieved to see Mr. Tadano continue to communicate without worrying about Mr. Furumi's communism.
Tadano-kun, who communicates well, is not just a person at all.
He's just a human being and just wants a friend like this.
I seem to love Tadano-kun.
By the way, I can always see Mr. Furumi trying to speak in his own words for his friends.

Impression of the character to be played and enthusiasm for the role
Makoto Katai, it's a really good guy, isn't it?
Because it is straight, there is no blurring in behavior.
If you train your body straight, you will become a real body, you will be straight and strong, and you will be straight "communicable". I'm looking forward to acting and I'm really happy to be in charge of Makoto Katai's voice.
I will hit it with all my strength.
By the way, I feel that he loves Tadano-kun just like me.

Comment from Miku Ito
"Mr. Komi has communism. I am very honored to be in charge of the theme song for the second term! I want to sing as much as I can so that I can express Mr. Furumi's cute and a little frustrating world view with his singing voice. The theme song "Ao 100 Color" is a refreshing and catchy song that makes you feel the blue of each person's youth. I want you to enjoy the sweet and sourness of the poetic lyrics as well as the melody that remains in your ears.

FantasticYouth comment
Hello, this is FantasticYouth Onyu. This time, I will be in charge of the ED theme for the second season of the TV anime "Komi-san is communicative."
It was a lovely song that I could feel both the glare of Komi and his friends and the nostalgia for the days of distant youth.
It would be great if you could listen to "Small Hiyori" and think that it would be nice to have a shy communication with someone around you. May this song support Komi-san and your little step.

Makoto Katai (CV: Shinichiro Kamio)

Shinichiro Kamio

Miku Ito



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