Moriarty the Patriot OVA New Trailer Released, Anime will be Released on 27 April

The new OVA of the anime "Moriarty the Patriot" written by Ryosuke Takeuchi and Teru Miyoshi will be released on Blu-ray / DVD on April 27th. A new PV and scene cuts from the film have been released.

"Moriarty the Patriot" contains two episodes, "Lily's Reminiscence" and "Moriarty Family Holiday," which are original stories in the anime. In addition to the PV and scene cuts, Takuya Sato, who plays Albert James Moriarty, and Chiaki Kobayashi, who plays Louis James Moriarty, have commented on the recording of "Moriarty Family Holiday".

In addition, photos from the Anime "Moriarty" Special Event held on March 5 at Nakano Sun-plaza in Tokyo are also available. The event was attended by Sato and Kobayashi, Soma Saito as William James Moriarty, Shin Furukawa as Sherlock Holmes, and Tomoki Ono as John H. Watson.


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