Mushoku Tensei jobless reincarnation Anime Season 2 Announced

The second phase of the anime "Mushoku Tensei jobless reincarnation" has been decided.

"Mushoku Tensei jobless reincarnation Reincarnation" is a story about a neat man reincarnated in a different world with a sword and magic at the age of 34, and reincarnates his life as a boy named Rudeus, using the memories and regrets of his previous life. In the first period, the first course was aired from January to March 2021 and the second course was aired from October to December. Details such as the broadcast time of the second period will be announced at a later date. After this, Comic Natalie will report on the pre-screening of the unbroadcast episode "Eris's Goblin Subjugation" on March 6th with a stage greeting.


  1. How long have I been waiting for this...

  2. Só felicidade esse ano...Komi-san temporada 2, Kanojo Okarishimasu temporada 2, Classroom of the Elite temporada 2, filme do Dragon Ball Super, filme de Tensei Shitara e agora Mushoku Tensei temporada 2...

    vamos rezar pra guerra na Ucrânia não atrapalhar a indústria dos animes de alguma forma kkkk


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