Original Anime Onipan! Has Released its Main Trailer, Anime will Release on 11th April

TV anime Onipan! will be broadcast every Monday through Friday on TV Tokyo's "Ohasuta" program. In addition, this PV was also released.

Onipan! is set in a world where humans and demons live together in harmony, and three "onikkos" - Tsutsuji, Himawari, and Tsuyuukusa - struggle to improve the image of demons. Broadcasting began on April 11, and the story can be watched Monday through Friday to complete a single storyline.

In the released video, the character voices of Momoen Momo (played by Kaori Maeda), Issun Hoko (played by Miyu Tomita), and Kikuko Inoue's bear are unveiled. It also includes scenes of Yua Nozaki's Tsutsuji, Mika Negishi's Himawari, and Kokona Nonaka's Tsuyuukusa using "Onipan" to transform themselves. The film also features a scene in which Nozaki, Negishi, and Nonaka transform into the unit Onipanz! The theme song "Oni Papa Pan! Pan!" The "Happiness" is a very important part of the "Happiness" of the world. In addition, a part of "Oni Papa Pan! Pan!" will be available through various subscriptions starting on the 11th.


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