Shadowverse Flame Anime Got New Trailer, It Reveals OP and ED Song

16 characters appearing in the TV anime " Shadowverse F (Flame) " have been unveiled at once on the official website. At the same time, a new PV, opening theme, and ending theme were also released.

"Shadowverse F" is the second TV anime of the competitive online trading card game "Shadowverse". The main character is Tenryu Wright, who has transferred to Shadowverse College, a facility that trains professional players in Shadowverse, and Wright struggles to avoid the abolition of the Shadowverse club to which he belongs. In the additional cast, Shotaro Morikubo plays the role of Gentleman who has a connection with Wrights due to an unidentified avatar, Larissa Tago Takeda plays the role of Wright's junior Kazematsuri Ren, and Wright's senior is one of the Shadowverse clubs. Miyu Tomita and others have joined the role of Feather's director, Kotori Yu Tsubasa . Comments have also arrived from the three main cast members, including Morikubo. Check the official website for details on the additional cast.

The opening theme will be "Mind 's Eye" by Lanndo feat. Keina Suda , and the ending theme will be "My Turn" by Alice Kurobane, who plays Yui Ogura , who is active as an idol in the film. The opening theme is also used in the latest PV, and characters are appearing one after another with the music in the background.

The TV anime "Shadowverse F (Flame)" will start broadcasting on April 2 on the TV Tokyo network of 6 stations. Along with this announcement, a video series has also started where you can learn the basic knowledge of "Shadowverse" together with the main character of the anime, Wright.


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